Wednesday, May 31, 2006

robots, zombies and clowns

no, it's not a new show . . . but it could be fun.
now, while being blessed to able to design characters all day, i get the very fun opportunity to come up with all kinds of neat stuff.
however of these three . . . robots, zombies, and clowns. . . there are two i certainly have a lot of fun designing and one i hate even mentioning. for it can often be the lead character in any scary movie in my brain. i'm most certainly not a big fan of 'em at all. and of course it was one of the first things i had to design way back on the first episode.

who is it?
;) i'm sure you'll guess.

enjoy and all the best,
m . . . :)

Monday, May 29, 2006


Every once in a while i'll post more stuff on Herobear. . . This Herobear artwork was done for an auction for CAPS a year ago. They are a great group of artist professionals that meet in southern California. Sergio Aragones always is the magnificent autioneer.
if you want, please visit their website . . .
it was fun to offer this Herobear drawing in pencil and also color as a whole framed piece. i was honored to help out with the charity auction. i missed this year, but will definitely be helping out next year.
enjoy and all the best,
m . . .

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Blind Barbers

so here's a little freelance i did for a potential magazine cartoon. The last thing you need is a blind barber cutting your hair and also trying out new material for his stand-up routine.
enjoy and all the best,
m . . .

Monday, May 22, 2006


so, along with my now working on the next "Herobear and the kid" graphic novel (more to come on that soon) . . . i'm also working on the sequel to "The Land of Sokmunster" with my friend Randy Heuser. That book came out about a year and half ago. it has been very well received and hopefully some good news about it will be announced verrrrrrry soon. :)Anyway, as we work on the new story, i thought i'd share here some fun promotional images from the first Sokmunster book that i thought you'd like. They are of the Moth King and King Jacque and a little promo poster we've done.
Well, we're really excited about the next chapter in this series. It's entitled "Revenge of the Moth King." oooooooohhhh . . . yep, he's back and he's none to happy with Sam and his best friend Spike.

okay, more to come.
all the best,
m . . .

Thursday, May 18, 2006

world heavyweight

I just found this silly series of images i did on the Wacom Tablet a little while back . . .
enjoy! :)
take care,
m . . .

first the bell rings . . .

then he gets his bell rung . . .

finally all he hears is bells.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


hey all,
So, a while back i was asked to be part of something very special . . . i was happy and more than overwhelmed to join a very cool group of 26 artists and writers for the production of DC Comics' SUPERMAN/BATMAN #26 starring Superboy and Robin. It is based on a story by the very great Sam Loeb, the beloved son of writer/producer Jeph Loeb. Sam was an amazing boy who passed far too early from this life due to cancer. I was very blessed to have known him and called him friend.
I feel like the geekiest of fans amongst all these talented superstars . . . but , i was very honored to draw page #9 of this story that Sam wrote. . . both pencils and finished color.

It was truly a special chance to be part of this event and i can't thank Jeph enough for the opportunity.
All the artists and writers have donated their fees, royalties and original artwork to auction to benefit
c/o Shannon Rotenberg
P.O. Box 49891
Los Angeles, CA 90049
if you get the chance, encourage your comic shop to make sure they've ordered enough of the book.

Here above is my penciled page and then my color version.
enjoy. :)

all the best,
m . . .

Monday, May 15, 2006

Supervillain scribble

hey gang,
so here's a supervillain i'd been scribblin'. i haven't done anything with the character in a while. Though he was intended for something else he's found his way into a new story with a new name even. sooooo who is he? . . . well, he has the power to read your mind and then "reflect"/transform into your greatest fear. . . oooooooooohhhhhh . . . i know, scaaaaarrrry ;) . . . well, hence, the fun corny name Vladi"mirror" . . . :)
you know, coming up with comic character names is so much fun.
i love it!

anyway, hope you enjoy!

all the best,
m . . .

Friday, May 12, 2006

Superhero scribbles

okay, so i found these superhero characters again recently. i did them a little while ago for a City of Heroes project that never got off the ground. so now, they are for a yet to be named new project . . . i have fun drawing 'em, but i'm still not completely sure who the bad guys and good guys are . . . however, i do think the ice guy will probably be a bad guy.
or not.
eh, we'll see.

anyway, hope ya like.

all the best,
m . . .

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

more Juniper Lee fun . . .

here ya go gang . . . more from The Life and Times of Juniper Lee.
. . . monsters and creatures and kids in Halloween costumes and Viking Ghosts . . .

all the best,
m. . .

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The fun of Juniper Lee

hey all,
so here are some characters and images from "The life and Times of Juniper Lee" . . . the show that i've been designing for Cartoon Network.
it's fun to show the designs outside of the actual episodes, so that you can see the drawings and such up close.
anyway, i'll post more here and there.
hope you all like . . .
all the best in everything,
m . . .

Monday, May 08, 2006

Cover for Volume 1 of French Edition

here's the cover to volume 1 of the French Translation entitled "Le Heritage" which premiered in January 2006 in Angouleme, Fance.

i'm working on the final cover for volume 3 now. lotsa fun to share in other countries and languages.


all the best in everything,

m. . .

Friday, May 05, 2006

Herobear and the kid French Edition volume 2 cover

coming soooon to an Eiffel Tower near you . . .
hope you like .

take care and all the best in everything,
m . . .


this blog thing seems like a good place for connecting again with everyone and getting the chance to share some fun stuff.

this was for a potential New Yorker cartoon.
of course, i can relate . . . because sometimes , oh heck, ALL the time my brain feels like it's a sardine can packed with too much stuff.

take care and all the best,
mike . . .

the first day

so . . . i got a blog.
it kinda sounds like i got a pet.
c'mere blog . . . c'mere bloggy . . . yessssss, goood blog, gooooood blog . . .

well, maybe i'll keep it and see if this lil' blog knows any good tricks.

take care and all the best,
m . . .