Thursday, August 28, 2008

Some fun Sketch cards

hey everyone,

so waaaay earlier this year i did some of the Marvel Masterpiece Sketch Cards. it was really fun to draw characters that i've never drawn before. anyway, i guess they are out now, so here are some of the images so you know what your looooooking for.
i really hope you like 'em.
and lemme know if you find any.
take care and all the best,
mike . . .

Monday, August 11, 2008

My friend Jason does coool books . . .

hey everyone,

i just wanted to encourage you all to go visit my friend Jason Lethcoe's new website.
Jason and i have been friends since high school. we've worked with each other at Disney and other studios. we live only about 2 blocks from each other with our families growing up together. aaaaaand we even share an office together. (gosh, it all sounds so "Frank and Ollie-ish", when i describe it. ahahahahaha) ;)
so, i guess essentially i'd say he's a pretty good friend. :)
well, he has been a director and storyboard artist and writer for many years in animation, AND recently he's been writing children's novel series' for Random House Books and Penguin Books. . . .Zoom's Academy, Benjamin Piff, The Mysterious Mr. Spines , just to name few. . .
sooooo, please take the time to go visit his fun lil' new website.
his books are totally all ages and so much great fun. check them out at Amazon or Barnes & Noble or your local book shop.
here's his site . .

enjoy and send him a hello when you get the chance.

take care and all the best,
m . . .