Wednesday, February 28, 2007

kids in the class #3

one more from me . . . #3.
i can't stop rhyming! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

m . . .

kids in the class #2

#2 for all of you.
see, i can rhyme . . . :)

m . . .

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

kids in the class #1

hey everyone,

so at my kids' school, they are having a fund raiser that all the classes are participating in. each of the classes offers up something to be auctioned. soooooooooooooo, since i have so much free time . . . i agreed to illustrate a book with all the kids in my daughter's class all doing their favorite sport and with their favorite animal.
only 'cuz i loves my lil' girl. :)
aaaaand my son too, but he had too many kids in his class so i said no way. heehee
actually they're doing somethin' else, so i get to do this cool illustrated book.

i'm just about done and i decided that i'd share 'em with ya. over the next two weeks i'll post a new image every day so you can see them all done.
i'm really having fun with this and i hope you enjoy all the images.
all the best,
m . . .
here's kid number 1 . . .

Monday, February 12, 2007

Annie Awards part deux

well gang, it was a verrrry fun night last night at the Annie Awards . . .
my wife and i got all dressed up and went to the awards show and saw a lot of friends that i haven't seen in a while. it really was a tremendous gathering of talented folks. and to top it off . . . I WON! wahoooooooo! how crazy is that?! i thank God for the blessing and opportunity. considering i didn't know about the online voting or how it all worked, i had said earlier that it's all in God's hands. i had no way of even voting for myself! ;) Thanks to everyone that voted! and congrats to all that were nominated and all the other winners. there are so many great artists i'm thankful to work with and be around in this industry.

the very cool part of the award too was that the presenters were Harland Williams and
Edie McClurg. Edie is in one of my ALL-TIME favorite movies . . ."Ferris Bueller." she played the secretary "Grace." and Harland Williams was a voice in a short that i did with my good friend Scott Sava at Nickolodeon. so it was very great to have them present my category and ultimately the award.
anyway, it was a wonderful night. i'm very thankful and honored. the nominees i was with are all amazing artists and it was great to be included with them in this category.

a friend was very kind and sent this pic to me last night of me up on stage babbling in front of the audience . . . i actually have a very blurry memory of what happened and what i said, so it was nice to see that i wasn't passed out on the floor.
take care and all the best,
mike . . .

Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Annie Awards

well, i just wanted to ask for everyone to keep their fingers crossed this weekend. . .
i've been very blessed and honored with being nominated for an Annie Award for Best Character Design on an Animated Television Series. the nomination is for Juniper Lee and i'm nominated with some really amazing other artists too. . .

Ben Balistreri – Danny Phantom “King Tuck” – Nickelodeon

Mike Kunkel -– The Life & Times of Juniper Lee “Party Monsters” – Cartoon Network Studios

Carlos Ramos – The X’s “Homebody” – Nickelodeon

Eric Robles – The X’s “You Only Sneeze Twice” – Nickelodeon

so the awards are on Sunday night. fancy-shmancy evening attire and all the hoopla. i'm excited to go and very excited for everyone that has been nominated for the evening. it's a great feeling to be included with so many talented people.
so much talent in this industry, its nice to be reminded of everyone that is out there that is working so hard to entertain the world with cartooooons. :)
thanks to all that voted and i'll let everyone know on monday how it went!
also . . . here are a few samples from the episode that i was nominated for.
p.s. and if you want to visit and learn more about the Annies, here's the link to the annie awards :