Monday, May 15, 2006

Supervillain scribble

hey gang,
so here's a supervillain i'd been scribblin'. i haven't done anything with the character in a while. Though he was intended for something else he's found his way into a new story with a new name even. sooooo who is he? . . . well, he has the power to read your mind and then "reflect"/transform into your greatest fear. . . oooooooooohhhhhh . . . i know, scaaaaarrrry ;) . . . well, hence, the fun corny name Vladi"mirror" . . . :)
you know, coming up with comic character names is so much fun.
i love it!

anyway, hope you enjoy!

all the best,
m . . .


Hans said...

I always enjoy your latest post, thanks:) Cool character and cool name. Would love to see him in action, using some of his supervillain powers on somebody.

Take care and the best to you too:)


Scott Christian Sava said...

Ha ha...I think he's better off this way than what he originally was drawn for.
Nice job!

mike . . . said...

hey guys,
thanks for stopping by! :)

Hans . . . glad you like it. i'll have to do some more scribbles of him definitely. he's too good of a bad guy.

scott . . . yeah, i was bummed that he never got used for anything, so thought i'd better find a home for him. i like this much, much better.

again, thanks you guys. glad you are all liking my little postings of scribbles.

all the best,
m . . .

Tom Bancroft said...

Mike! I stumbled on your blog! Thanks for posting on mine! Give me a call sometime and we an catch up. Love your work on Juniper, good for you! Best, Tom B.

stephenfmunoz said...

awesome mike, yeah I can't wait to see what kind of action poses you're gonna put him in. take care man.

Alikins said...

I like him ~ but he seems so... angry... Not enough hugs as a kid maybe?