Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ultimate Spiderman Cover on EBAY! :)

hey everyone,

Remember a few month's ago the Spidey Cover? Rememmmmmmmmber... well, for issue #100 of Ultimate Spiderman, Marvel and the Hero Initiative, asked 100 artists to do one of a kind covers for the book as a fundraiser for the Hero Initiative Charity.
so, now the last batch of the covers are being offered on EBAY for charity auction.

here's the link to ALL the remaining covers including MY spidey scribble :). . .
Hero Initiative EBAY Auctions
If you get the chance to check out 'em out please visit with some spare couch change and find a favorite one to support and help very, very good cause.
take care and all the best,
m . . .

Monday, May 21, 2007

Uncle Kunkel

welllllllll, i figured i'd take a little break from all the "sliver fun" and show you some other fun stuff. . .

this picture is actually what all the slivers fit into.

;)just kidddddddding!

actually, my lil' sis is gonna have a baby this year, so it would appear that i will now be officially "Uncle Kunkel."
i helped out recently to do their Baby Shower invite, and since she and my brother-in-law live in Hawaii, i created some Aloha fun.

all the best,
m . . .
p.s. more slivers may still find their way to the ol' blog world of Astonish. ;)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Shhhhhh . . . some more ;)

wellll, i still can't say anything. sorrrrrrrrrrrrrry. though i CAN say how i'm sooooooo excited about this!
but in the meantime . . . here's another sliver of fun.
some of you have had some great guesses. i can't confirm anything, but i might deny some guesses.
it's not a new Herobear. . . yet. howeverrrrr, i am working on a brand new graphic novel now of Herobear and the Kid. so look for more of that coming in the near future.
it's not Spidey. nope, no webslingin' storytellin' from here yet. maybe someday the right situation will arise.
no, this is something else. something equally as cool and fun. same as spidey, it's something i've wanted to work on since i was a little kid.
anyway, that's all the babbling about it for now.
more again soon.

enjoy and all the best!
m . . .