Sunday, September 24, 2006

Final Week for Astonish Factory Art Sale

hey everyone,
thanks to you ALL for visiting and helping with the Astonish Factory September Art Sale.
it has been a grand success and you've all helped to raise a bunch for TOYS FOR TOTS.
we can't thank you enough. it has been really great to find some good homes for all the artwork. we may just have to make this an annual event. :)

anyway, this is the last week of the Original Art being offered, so please visit and enjoy.
here is the link once more . . .
take care and all the best,
m . . .

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Two New Herobear Art Pieces

well gang,
here are two more pieces for the Astonish Art Sale.
the one that is colored is one of my all time favorites. it is an early promo art piece i did for the story. it was created way before i ever did the first Herobear book. i'm so glad we are offering it, but i do admit i'll miss it. :)
the other one is just the fun of comics and books. our two friends, Herobear and Tyler , enjoying "new comics day." always a goood day. :)
hope you are all liking the art and having fun seeing the hodge-podge of different pieces being put up.
thanks so much for stopping by.

here is the link again to all the fun . . .

take care,
m . . . :)

Monday, September 11, 2006

Another Original Page from Herobear

this is one with Herobear, Tyler and X-5.
i always was partial to the top panel where Herobear and Tyler are watching what X-5 just did. Herobear doesn't look too happy about it and x-5 just looks so smug. darn robots. ;)
anyway, hope you are enjoying the updates from the Astonish Factory Sale.
everyone has been extremely supportive and awesome about this. thanks to all for their comments and visits.

please check out the link when you get a moment. . .

take care and all the best,
m . . . :)

Friday, September 08, 2006

Another New Piece of Auction Artwork

here's the link to all of them . . .

enjoy and thanks for everyone's visits on the Auction!

take care and all the best,
m . . .

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Two New Astonish Factory Art Sale Auctions

Sokmunster Drawing from page 40 . . .X-5 Original Page and Preliminary Page Combo Piece from issue 3

the ebay name is astonishfactoryexclusives . . . and, again here're the link to all of them . . .

all the best,
m . . .

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Astonish Factory Sale has Started!

here's the link to all the artwork available so far.
more will be available every day.
ebay name is astonishfactoryexclusives . . .

Please also check it out at the news and updates blog for more info about the auctions. . .

enjoy and all the best,
m . . .

Friday, September 01, 2006

The September Astonish Factory Art Sale

hey there all,
coming this month we will be having an Astonish Factory Art Sale.
it will start sometime next week . . . :)

it is better explained over at the Astonish News Blog. Check the link in the "Fun Places To Visit" links over on the right side . . . (
. . . but essentially we will have lots of special original artwork from Herobear and the kid", "The Land of Sokmunster", and other artwork.

there will be cool free gifts with all of the art pages that are bought.
and most important, we are very excited that 10% of EVERYTHING sold will be donated to TOYS FOR TOTS.
so please come visit, tell all your friends, and check it out when it starts.
take care and all the best,
mike . . .