Monday, May 08, 2006

Cover for Volume 1 of French Edition

here's the cover to volume 1 of the French Translation entitled "Le Heritage" which premiered in January 2006 in Angouleme, Fance.

i'm working on the final cover for volume 3 now. lotsa fun to share in other countries and languages.


all the best in everything,

m. . .


Little John said...


Can you explain the volumes and contents of the volumes for everyone? You get new readers everyday.

Ninty Fan said...

Hi this is 'Magnet' from the forums, where is it?

mike . . . said...

good idea little john . . .

the main collection of the Herobear and the Kid comics came out in a Trade and Hardbound version in English a couple years ago. Recently we were approached by a French Publisher and Distributor to translate the tales of our lil Herobear into French. instead of one big book over there, they have divided up the stories into 3 volumes.
the cover that you see here of Herobear for volume 1 is for issues 1 and 2 of the original series.
the cover of X-5 the Robot for volume 2 is for issues 3 and half of 4. it ends on a cliffhanger. :)
and i'm working on the cover for volume 3 which will include the last half of 4 and all of issue 5. both of which were longer issues to begin with.

all that to say there is now a French version of Herobear out there and other languages coming.

ninty dude . . .
the original Collection is still available at comic stores and regular book stores and even on the Astonish Factory website store. the French version is available in France and also specifically through the comic store Album in France.

aaaaaaaaaaaaand also i'm working on brand NEW stories as well.
whew! ;)

anyway, i hope you like the new covers.

all the best,
mike . . .

Squeaky said...

SOMEONE'S been busy!
the firsy book was my favourite.
can't wait for more info on the new stuff!