Monday, February 25, 2008

Land of Sokmunster Magazine AD

hey all,
well, we were treated to a very nice surprise lately.
there is a magazine called COOKIE. it is a very fun family magazine with cool stuff for kids and parents. wellllllllll, they had an ad/article in the latest issue about kids clothes and stuff and in one of the full page pictures, they showed a couple kids in a library . . . and lo, and behold what are they reading???!
que dramatic music here . . . ;) they are reading The Land of Sokmunster.
we were blown away by this awesome surprise and have had a number of people seeing it and it has been really tremendous. we're very thankful for cool press!

more Sokmunster news coming soon. some of it coming from France . . . ;)

take care and all the best,
m . . .