Wednesday, May 31, 2006

robots, zombies and clowns

no, it's not a new show . . . but it could be fun.
now, while being blessed to able to design characters all day, i get the very fun opportunity to come up with all kinds of neat stuff.
however of these three . . . robots, zombies, and clowns. . . there are two i certainly have a lot of fun designing and one i hate even mentioning. for it can often be the lead character in any scary movie in my brain. i'm most certainly not a big fan of 'em at all. and of course it was one of the first things i had to design way back on the first episode.

who is it?
;) i'm sure you'll guess.

enjoy and all the best,
m . . . :)


MILLET said...

i don't exactly consider myself 'mechanically-inclined' when it comes to art but i sure had a blast working on those metal-thingies:)

John H. said...


That last design must have been

very easy. It's an exact copy of

Ubby !!!!

Estlin said...

more clowns for el hombre mike's mum!

i hear he likes them...and potatoes.

Mark McDonnell said...

Nice stuff, great color work too. Love the unmentionables.


Marmax said...

That is one scary clown! :o

mike . . . said...

no likey clowns . . . no likey.

mike . . . said...

millet! thank you for stopping by!

everyone please say hi to millet . . . the amazingly talented girl that i've had the priviledge to work with throughout my entire career here and there. since the beginnning she has had amazing skills in taking my rough scribbly drawererings and making them all cleaned up and perty.
thank you millet for making these look so great.

even the evil clown.

all the best,
m . . .

Little John said...

That is one awesome clown.

Alikins said...

me no likey clowns either! what is it about them that are so frightening? honestly, they give me the heebie geebies! ...but you sure drawer them good! ;) my fave are the zombies!

MILLET said...

ya know i gots nuthin but luv for ya, mikey :)

take care!

tara nicole said...

hi there! thanks for the blog comment! your work looks awesome (as always)! i didn't know you were on juniper lee....i'm on billy and mandy! cool :)

donnachada said...

Ahhhh, more excellent eye candy, Mike. That's one freeky clown. Wish I'd been at the auction for that Hero Bear illusrtration. Wonder who the lucky person was. Looking forward to more posts.

Hans said...

Wow, I envy your talent! That clown is awesome....sorry, I hope I'm not causing you any nightmares by mentioning....the clooown! Well, it all looks amazing as always.

Take care,


Mike...'s mum said...

Can't sleep... clowns will eat me...

I think you're plenty aware of my feelings towards clowns - if you're going to have bad guys in a cartoon, may as well use the clowns and scar a whole, new generation. *big grins*

I think McDonald's does so well 'cause of all the little kids that are afraid Ronald will come and eat them at night if they don't buy his products :P