Monday, May 21, 2007

Uncle Kunkel

welllllllll, i figured i'd take a little break from all the "sliver fun" and show you some other fun stuff. . .

this picture is actually what all the slivers fit into.

;)just kidddddddding!

actually, my lil' sis is gonna have a baby this year, so it would appear that i will now be officially "Uncle Kunkel."
i helped out recently to do their Baby Shower invite, and since she and my brother-in-law live in Hawaii, i created some Aloha fun.

all the best,
m . . .
p.s. more slivers may still find their way to the ol' blog world of Astonish. ;)



aloha mike!

uncle kunkel! bwa ha ha, too cool :)

or unc kunk? or "uncle tease"

congrats "unc" i've also recently have become an unc too!

alright, enough already! tell us some clues!

please just tell us its NOT shazam

hang loose dood!

Alikins said...

awwwww i love it! ;)
congrats unkie mike! i bet i know who's gonna get some cool herobear stuff ~ FUN! :) heehee
so, when's the big day & is it a boy??
[i'm assuming here because of the lil' surfer dude]
cute cute cute! :)

Randeep Katari said...

Congrats Mike!
hope all else is well!


Mike...'s mum said...


...why am I always the last to know??

Tim Moen said...

this is so cool man. you draw and design kids amazingly well.

Jörn Gebert said...

looks so easy, great shapes

Richard Gaines said...

It looks like we're gonna have to wait a little bit longer, eh?

Aurora said...

brilliant works!!!
very good blog and these are reasons to come back!
don´t you think?

un beso from España

Animal Qwacker said...

That would look swell in a nursery.