Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Shhhhhh . . . some more ;)

wellll, i still can't say anything. sorrrrrrrrrrrrrry. though i CAN say how i'm sooooooo excited about this!
but in the meantime . . . here's another sliver of fun.
some of you have had some great guesses. i can't confirm anything, but i might deny some guesses.
it's not a new Herobear. . . yet. howeverrrrr, i am working on a brand new graphic novel now of Herobear and the Kid. so look for more of that coming in the near future.
it's not Spidey. nope, no webslingin' storytellin' from here yet. maybe someday the right situation will arise.
no, this is something else. something equally as cool and fun. same as spidey, it's something i've wanted to work on since i was a little kid.
anyway, that's all the babbling about it for now.
more again soon.

enjoy and all the best!
m . . .


mike said...



Randeep Katari said...

My guess is Spider-Man family, as they're getting guest artists to do those!


Alikins said...

i know what it is! i know what it is!! ;) heeheehee
nice slivers ~ you're so good a teasing it's not even fair to your fans ~ how could you be so cruel???

Mike...'s mum said...

He wasn't always like this... he was so nice as a young boy, never enjoyed teasing people...

Almost breaks a mother's heart

spideyshango said...
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spideyshango said...

Aaargh! would you please stop with this "sliver game"? Can't wait to see what it really is about!

Here's an idea: why don't leave us some more slivers, but from the same picture, so we can put them together, and finally discover the result? I think this is a funnier game (at least for me..)
OK, who's with me?

Chad said...

Peter Porker!


Mike...'s mum said...


From what I hear, some of them ARE the same picture, just different dpi...

Mike...'s teasing is spreading - alikins has moved to the dark side! :P

hake pagino said...

well even though this isn't herobear, A NEW HEROBEAR IS COMING!!! can't wait for that one...and yeah..hasn't free comic day come and gone already?? and yet no word to fill in the blanks...

mike . . . said...

welllllll, i wish i could say more. but, if i say one word about it lightning might hit me and i hear that may not always be a good thing.
i will deliver more clues and slivers soooooooooon. :) i reallly hope you all like what it is when i can announce it. i'm soo excited!!!

okay, back to carving slivers . . .
all the best,
m . . .

Mike Collins said...

i heard from my wife's brother's fiancee's hairstylist's cousin's ex-boyfriend's mechanic's sister's gardener who's step-father's secretary's grandson works at a magazine that you're working on a magical sequel to jeff smith's current project!!

i can't wait. you're soooo lucky!!

Reo Jerome said...

When will you be able to release it?
is it another superhero?

Team Chunk Geek said...

PLEASE let it be Captain Marvel/Shazam! ;)