Monday, April 02, 2012

KING ME comic strip

hey everyone,

just wanted to share the link to a brand new project called KING ME . . .
it is a comic strip i'm doing. hope you all like.

enjoy and all the best to you,
m . . .


Togotooner said...

Absolutely love this strip Mike! I sent you an invitation for an interview via your Astonish factory site...hope you received it.

PLEASE continue to develop this King Me strip! Love the whole concept and the art is like eye candy! Love your inking too.

Is this 100% digital? Sketchbook Pro? Illustrator? Photoshop?

Jose Rivolta said...

Hola, hemos agregado un trackback (enlace hacia este artículo) en el nuestro ya que nos pareció muy interesante la información detallada pero no quisimos copiarla, sino que nuestros lectores vengan directamente a la fuente. Gracias... datacredito bogota

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