Monday, January 19, 2009


just a simple little shout o' WAHOOOOOOOOOO for the black and gold!

some of you may or may not know that i've been a diehard Steelers fan since i was a little kid.
surrrrre i'm a california boy, but i've always loved the Pittsburgh Steelers.

well, they fought a tough game yesterday against their HUGE rivals the baltimore ravens, and they were able to triumph and earn a trip to the upcoming Superbowl XLIII !! wow what a great game it was! so exciting!



anyway, the ironic thing is that this weekend i will be going to Arizona as a guest of the Phoenix Comiccon and the Arizona Cardinals are going to the superbowl too, to play the Steelers. congrats to the Cardinals by the way. so i may not wear too much steelers stuff, but i'll certainly be proud 'o my team.

sooooooooooo looking forward to the Superbowl!


take care and all the best,

mike . . .


Chris S said...

Those sad little birds aren't going to know what hit them come Feb 1st.

mike said...

there's a room here in tampa for you, mike. ;)

Troy Zurel said...

You have to wear as much Steelers gear as possible.

Lan Pitts said...

My roomate is from Philly so there was a small celebration party here ;)

You were at Phoenix? Dang, I wish I had known. I had some friends going, but I didn't even think to look at the guest list.

Ryan Cody said...

So much for not wearing too much Steelers gear! It was great catching up again Mike.

andre medina said...