Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Gym Partner is a Monkey

well everyone,

as i'm looking at all the stuff i've been working on, i realized i never put up any of the crazy stuff from Cartoon Network when i worked on Gym Partner. so here are some images from the show. some designs are from the ROBO-3000 episode where all the characters became robots and the other is for the SPIFFANO episode where they spoofed the Sapranos.

aaaaaaaaaaaand, please keep your fingers and toes crossssssed because for some crazy reason they've submitted my work for Emmy consideration for the show.
maaaaaaaaybe i'll have good news next month when they announce the nominees.
anyway, hope you all like. it was a very fun show to work on.

all the best,
mike . . .


andre medina said...

mikey!! these r great, i am ur other best student from 2000...,u ma,e is andre medina...Gonna go to cal arts....see u at Comic the Con!!

Catherine Satrun said...

Good luck! These are great designs!! Too bad you won't be at Wizard World this weekend. We'll see you at Comic-Con though!

Simon Scales said...

some great sketches mike - keep em coming!!!

Ginalorraine said...

what's crackin' Your work is awesome as ever!

oh my alikins said...

wow! that's amazing news! not only are these fabulous, but being considered for an emmy is incredible! i shall keep my extremities crossed at all times until we know for sure . . . however, i expect some sort of compensation for my uncomfortable-ness . . . i'll let you figure out what would be fair. but be quick. i'm already cramping!


congrats!! :)

David Wolter said...

Nice work on this show. Great construction in a "flat" style.

Raymond Santos said...

incredible work!!