Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Back from Con

well, the family and i had a chance to sneak down to San Diego Comic Con last week and visit with some friends and have an important meeting or two.
very cool.
i have to admit though, i very much miss having a booth and getting to visit more with fans and friends. i can honestly do without all the hollywood hoopla, i just enjoy a con with fans and readers and other creators, and the excitment that all the books bring.
now, the con is usually a big blur to me, so please forgive me if i can't remember everyone, but there were a number of new and old friends/creators that i was especially thankful to run into and visit and meet and on occasion hang with in person at the con . . . art baltazar, bobby chiu, david colman, stephen silver, courtney huddleston, scott zirkel, scott sava, mike bullock, kevin grevioux, pascal campion, donnachada daly, christian slade, chris sanders, tony bancroft, jann jones, dan didio, jeph loeb, terry moore, tom beland, charles vess, and many more my brain has forgotten but that i am blessed and thankful to know.
it was fun and wonderful to see you all. :)
now back to work and seeing what the future holds.
hey, i had someone ask me about those darn "slivers" that snuck onto my blog there for a while.
was i gonna find anymore?
was i gonna explain 'em?
whoa, whoa, slow down, i said . . . then i quickly had to use the jedi mind trick and change the subject to something else of course...anyone ever been to Chicago Con? i hear goood things about it and i'm curious to see what it's about.
maybe this is a good year to learn more.

how's that for random?
well that's it for now.
more random thoughts and fun scribbles to be posted soon.
all the best,
mike . . .


Scott Zirkel said...

I finally got to meet you! It's only been, what, five years or something crazy like that? Let's make it a yearly thing! :)

John Nunnemacher said...

We miss you having a booth at the con too! Hope you're doing well!

Meefoonay said...

does that say wizard world 2001? ;^D


mike . . . said...

scott! great to meet you in person too.
john! good to hear from you. all is well, hopefully a booth again sometime in the future.
hahahaha . . . you're right, estlin!
i'll go pick another image offa the web. i actually didn't look closely when i posted it and i thought it said 2007.
ack. no more late night posting.

take care all,
m . . .

Richard Gaines said...

Darn! I would've loved to meet you! Though I did meet Steve Silver, John Nevarez, Kevin Barber, Robin Mitchell, Dave Coleman, John Nunnemacher, etc. I passed out some port samples to everyone while I was at it. Anyway, Mike, your characters are beautiful as always. Keep creating more!!

Alikins said...

you are mysterious & random ~ oh so appealing! :)

Mike...'s mum said...

I can't believe that's the first time you actually met Wonderpup!!
*jaw drops*

Didn't sound like any... Marvelous revelations were made, though... *pout*

Brian said...

Pleas O please O please O please O please say your coming to Chicago. I met you a couple years ago in San Diego but that's the only time I've been able to make it out there. Please do your midwest fans a favor and come on out! You'd be an incredible addition to the guest list! And maybe I could commission a drawing from you???

I just had my first baby (boy named Zach) in late June and his wall desperately needs some Herobear and the Kid!

Thanks Mike,


Animal Qwacker said...

Wizard World can be somewhat of a let down after coming back from San Diego. However, this year they got DC and Marvel back so it'll be nice seeing them instead of a misplaced wrestling ring. I'm sharing a table in Artist's Alley this year plus there's Live Art on Saturday so it should be an interesting time. Hope to see you there, sir!

Josep Blas said...

Are you coming to Chicago? Please say you are!!!
It'll be my first time there, my booth number is 5310A... if you're there please stop by!