Monday, June 18, 2007

Glorious TechnoKunkel

hmmmmmmmmmm . . .
someone tipped me off about an interrrrrresting comment on Comic Book Resources...
according to Lying in Gutters there's a new SHAZAM! series written and drawn by ... me. . .


Mike Kunkel is writing and drawing a new ongoing Shazam! series. Check his blog to see some of his teases and a wee mention on Jeff Smith's board, too.

"teases" on my blog, huh? hmmmm. why, i have no idea what they're talking about.
now, iiiiiifffffffff i was blessed with this opportunity, then i'd be almost giddy about it and Heaven knows i'd realllly love for it to be in iiiiiifffff this is perhaps, possibly, maybe, could be, per chance true, then i'd do everything i could to indeed make it be gloriously technokunkely fun for all ages.

if that is.


all the best,
m . . .


thesavas said...

Oh for the love of Pete!

I'll call Dan Didio myself and tell him to announce it already!!!

Animal Qwacker said...

Maybe if you fan the 'ol rumor flames it will happen. I'd like to see it happen anyway.

John said...

If the phrase "In Glorious Technokunkel" isn't somewhere in that first issue, I'll be sad.


John said... username doesn't show up like it used to.

I'll have to consult the Elders about this.

Little John

Mike...'s mum said...

Your username shows up on my screen as "Dark Mary Marvel" :D


And a flamin' HUGE congrats to Mike... that is... if you were to be putting out a monthly, ongoing Shazam series...

(Rich seems to have his ear to every corner of the comic industry, doesn't he!!)

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you have to get it to the man

he sure knows how to fill up a blog

ha ha mike you weren't even trying

"lightning might hit me" :)

yeah, like a yellow bolt!

Scott Zirkel said...


Alikins said...

you're not foolin' no body no how mr. technokunkel! throw out all the iiiiiiiiffff's you want!
we all know the truth!

heeheehee ;)

Sam said...

this is good news, congratulations on the yet to be mention project.