Monday, March 12, 2007

kids in the class #9,#10,#11 and #12

here's the last four . . . numbers 12, 11, 10 and nine
seems that this is taking a bit more o' my time.

so, luckily there're no more
kids in the class,
just one of their teacher,
to round out the mass.


m . . .


John H. said...


Is Leigha kid #9 ???

I was thinking that a ole-tyme

goalie would have his daughter

kicking around a ball. And with

her imagination it'd be with a

monkey. Am I right ????

John H.

metahatem said...

that's very sweet and nice of you.. i hope your son is not so jealous..
your art is pretty amazing..
i wonder which animal and sport did your daughter choose ! :)

Alikins said...

they all turned out SO SO SOOOOOOOOOOO cute!
i love 'em all! what lucky kids you have ;)

and what lucky person(s) who win the auctions!

p.s. you really finished off strong with the rhyming too ~ very impressive ;)

Tom said...

I really enjoy all your art Mike and had the opportunity to actually get my hands on Herobear for the first time and though it was wonderful. It is really cool to see how an animator views the comic medium into something quite awesome! Great job and hope that there is more to come.

mike . . . said...

hey everyone,
so glad you're diggin' these!
some have asked how i'm doing them . . . i scribble little thumbnails out and then i work right in Photoshop and Sketchbook Pro. i'm really enjoying the process and fun of drawing on my Tablet PC.
anyway, that's the secret to these ones. i'm having a great time pickin' colors and stuff.
hope you've enjoyed them all. . .
and for everyone wondering . . . my daughter, Leigha, is actually the top one running with the white dog and soccer ball. missing tooth and everything. she loves soccer and dogs. :)

take care,
m . . . :)

John H. said...

Missed it by a tooth, a monkey,

and a dog...

At least I got the soccer part

right !!!!

John H.

Rafael Urnhani said...

Very beauty!

: D

I loved!