Monday, March 05, 2007

kids in the class #5

and 5 is here, so give a cheer . . .

m . . .


Alikins said...

wow. the rhyming is just oooooooozing out of you!
watch out snoop, mikey's in hizzouse!

these drawerings are oh . . . so . . . darling!
here i am lovin'em!! :)

Francesco Lorenzetti said...

Relly nice work!


Randeep Katari said...

These are soooo awesome, you can totally see all the fun you had while making them! Great, great stuff! Keep it up, I might be giving you a shout in a day or two for your opinion on an important decision.


Mike...'s mum said...

For a real fundraiser, take all the images, put them together into a book, and sell them. Then, auction the originals off on eBay.

However, even though that would give John H the opportunity to expand his collection, it wouldn't be HALF as cool as putting the book together, selling it, and then, giving the parent of each kid the opportunity to purchase the original! Still a fund raiser that way, but a bit more personal for the class.

(And any that are rejected could be put on eBay... or sent to your mum to put on her fridge... *sigh* It's been so long since I've put one of your drawings on my fridge...)