Thursday, October 05, 2006

New Juniper Lee Comic Story

hey everyone,

well, i found myself doing more freelance . . . :)
i did another Juniper Lee story for the Cartoon Network/DC comics. this one was 8 pages. very fun with "dustbunny" creatures and a "spider-like" creature named Cob.
anyway, here are my pencils for it.

all the best,
m . . .


Seppo said...

I love the Juniper Lee illustrations!Awesome posing!

I live in Montreal, so I'm not sure where I can pick these comics up.What is the name of the comic?

Randeep Katari said...

man, mike, these are awesome.

Anonymous said...

Mike - these are fabulous . Have not talked to you in years man . Last time was when I visited the prodution team on H.B with Jim .Stuffs looking great as usual . Hope all is well . Now I know ya have a blog I'll stop by again soon .
Cheers .

Mike...'s mum said...

How was the birthday??

ohmyalikins said...

Sweeeeeet! ;)

azhar said...

A must have!
A must Buy!

definetly gonna place an order..

are you doin it for a couple of issues or are you the regular artist?

Jav said...

My goodness! These are excellent Mike! So fluid, great flow!

flipstudios said...

sweet stuff mike. i really like the borders. great composition as well. cheers,


Simone Altimani said...

Great works!!!
The bear is my favourite carachter,
he's really cool!

Your fan


Unknown said...

gonna need to get a copy of these, not published. lookin' good but i told you that at lunch.



Milenko said...

Awesome job.



Unknown said...

These are awesome!

M.H. said...

it's always fun working with you on projects like these :)

Hans said...

Great stuff! I like the way you did the frames. Your drawings are always awesome, so that's nothing new;)

Take care,


Unknown said...

Wow KUNKEL!!I love HeroBEAR!!!Your stile it was my guideline for umoristic drawing!
Grea Great works!

Richard Gaines said...

Mike, I always loved your style in Herobear and the Juniper Lee character designs. Can you tell me if you are still working on Starhopper Squirrel and other like-minded projects?

Keep coming up with more inspiring stories!!

Marco Bucci said...

MIKE KUNKEL has a BLOG? Wow...I'm a bit starstruck here. Herobear is one of my biggest inspirations for both drawing and story - it turned so many abstract feelings and emotions into something tangible. Big fan of the way you draw - highest accolades possible!

mike . . . said...

thanks everyone!
you're all too kind.
more new stuff is on its way.
it's been crazy busy lately, but its looking like some time will soon open up.

take care and all the best,
mike . . .

Ryan Wood said...

Fantastic work here! Very appealing characters & sketches.

Sam Nielson said...

Great stuff! You work has a very fun, kid-friendly look to it.