Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Captain America Scribbles

Just having some fun scribbling Cap.


all the best,
m . . .


John H. said...

Amazing what you can do with a Black & Red pen. Just like Herobear !!!!

Did you see the final results on your page for the Sam Loeb auction ?

I was in heated battle with Dave Mandel until $1.7K. The Atomic Comics owner won it at $3.6K. Not
don't think I'll 'always' offer you
$1.7K... ;) ;) ;) ;)

John H.

Alikins said...

He's one of my favorite super heroes ;)

Little John said...

Excellent rendition of Cap mike... I like it a lot.

o/t I was wondering if you were in on that bidding for the page john_h. Now we know who won it and don't have to invoke the power of Oz.

How does it feel to have a page of your art go for that much at an auction mike...?

MILLET said...

your action poses are always extra-cool!

how ya doin', mikey?

aaaokay said...

Great Stuff Mike. I'm abig fan of your work. Hero Bear is one o' my favorites. I love the Cap sketches.

K McLeod said...

I like these, they show you were having fun scribbling captn america.

Mike...'s mum said...

Action poses! Beautiful! I know, I know... you're going to say something about how it took less time to rip this out than that cannibal, but THIS is so much better! More of the kind of work I expect to see from my little boy ;)

As for the auction - nice try John_H :( Nice to see that Mike...'s stuff is still in such demand!

"invoke the power of Oz..."
*grinning and chuckling*

Mike...'s mum said...

And on the note of the Sam Loeb auction, I just HAD to mention that Mike...'s art went for the fourth highest amount for interior art on auction, beating out industry "heavy weights" such as Tim Sale, Rob Liefeld, Carlos Pachecho, Ian Churchill, Joe Maduiera and even Art Adams! Total amount raised that night is approximately $70K for the Sam Loeb College Scholarship Fund!

Way to go Mike...!
John_H no doubt walked away with a couple of signed copies of the comic that night!!

JP Lethcoe said...

Hi Mike,

I love the cannibal sketch.


mike said...

whoa, mike! those are sweet!

mike . . . said...

hey gang,
glad you like the Cap Scribbles. who knows what will become of them. i am having a fun time drawing him. we shall see what comes from it . . .

as far as the Sam Loeb Auction . . . how very cool that everything went so well for it. i was amazed that my page came in so high. i'm definitely glad it goes to a very great cause.

well, take care and thanks to all for stopping by and enjoying my little drawings.

all the best,
m . . .

JimYeske said...

LOVE IT! Send it to Quesada NOW-ISH! The story could be Cap Vs Jenny Craig. Whose side are you on,indeed?